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The Kankakee County Humane Foundation (KCHF) is a 501(c) (3) non- profit organization that is a no-kill animal shelter. The Foundation is entirely dependent on memberships and private donations and does not receive any tax revenue or public funds. Since 1963 the Foundation has rescued unwanted, neglected and abandoned dogs and cats in the Kankakee County area.

The Foundation adopts out their animals to safe, loving and caring homes through an application and screening process. The Foundation supports responsible pet ownership by performing background checks and validating personal and veterinary references listed on adoption applications.

The Foundation home foster our puppies, kittens, some dogs and cats exposing them to in-home living, manners and socialization. The KCHF provides community support by engaging in animal welfare advocacy in the following areas:

  • Providing emergency pet food assistance when supply is available
  • Offering low income spay and neuter voucher assistance
  • Providing food and veterinary care assistance when needed to maintain owner retention
  • Partnering with other rescues organizations and agencies
  • Working to eliminate dog fighting and abuse in our community through education and legislative action
  • Partnering with local veterinarians to promote adoption, care, spay and neutering
  • Teaching care and responsible pet care and ownership to the public including class presentations to elementary schools and children’s organizations
  • Offering Illinois Dept. of Agriculture Licensed Humane Investigators to respond to concerns of abuse and neglect

The KCHF is not affiliated with the United States Humane Society.

Annual Report

From Our Most Recent Annual Report

With your assistance and that of our fabulous staff we have been able to find forever homes for over 300 animals last year. Many of the animals that came to us came from situations where they were not properly cared for requiring additional medical care and attention.
We had numerous dogs that came to us this year that required spaying and neutering, resolution of skin problems, malnutrition, abuse and neglect. Many are frightened beyond belief when entering the shelter but are able to leave healthy and happy as they head to their forever home.
Most of the puppies we receive come to us undernourished, filled with bacteria and worms requiring numerous rounds of medication to ensure they are able to grow and thrive! Many of the puppies take multiple rounds of medication to eradicate the worms and parasites.
We had one poor boy, Captain, who came to us with a disfigured back leg. We are not sure exactly what happened to his leg but it ended up having multiple surgeries to amputate the leg. Krista Dines, a vet tech at VCA County West fostered Captain for us and brought him to work daily so his condition could be monitored by her and Dr. Wegner! Through their love and care he pulled through and was adopted out as a happy and healthy puppy!
The cats and kittens that come to our shelter are also in need of medication attention to resolve issues related to eye infections, skin problems and digestive problems! With the time and attention of our staff these animals are able to make a full recovery and end up making wonderful pets for our generous adopters.
With your continued support our rescue and adoption efforts continue in 2016! As you recently saw on our Facebook post, our Shelter Director and a staff member pulled 12 dogs and puppies from a horrible situation where the dogs and puppies were living in their own filth with little to no human contact! Fortunately we were able to bring the dogs and pups to the shelter where they received immediate attention, a bath, clean water, food and lots of attention! While some of the pups will need additional time and training a number of them were able to go their forever homes within a few days.
We look forward to another successful rescue and adoption year and truly appreciate your generosity and donations that allow us to continue to help the neglected and homeless animals in our county.