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Thank you very much for considering a donation to the Kankakee County Humane Foundation!

Your generous contribution will help us provide community support by engaging in animal welfare advocacy in the following areas:

  • Providing emergency pet food assistance when supply is available
  • Offering low income spay and neuter voucher assistance
  • Providing food and veterinary care assistance when needed to maintain owner retention
  • Partnering with other rescues organizations and agencies
  • Working to eliminate dog fighting and abuse in our community through education and legislative action
  • Partnering with local veterinarians to promote adoption, care, spay and neutering
  • Teaching care and responsible pet care and ownership to the public including class presentations to elementary schools and children’s organizations
  • Offering Illinois Dept. of Agriculture Licensed Humane Investigators to respond to concerns of abuse and neglect

The KCHF is not affiliated with the United States Humane Society.

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Donation Information